Sunday, 11 August 2013
The New Entrepreneurism

The Social Enterprise sector in Britain has been estimated to be worth £24 billion and employ more than 80,000 people. No figures are available for New Zealand, but it’s generally agreed the sector is under-developed. The organisers of this week’s Social Enterprise Week in Wellington are hoping all of that could be about to change. Ideas talks to some of the budding entrepreneurs behind start-up companies; Loomio – which is collaborating with MIT’s media lab on developing consensus decision-making software; Bucky Box – a cloud-based program that aims to revolutionise the way people buy their food; and Chalkle – a company that has seen thousands of Wellingtonians participating in one-off night school classes. And we’ll hear from visiting US social enterprise expert MJ Kaplan and Alex Hannant of the Hikurangi Foundation.