31 Jul 2020

Former united First leader Peter Dunne breaks down the polls

From First Up, 5:50 am on 31 July 2020

Well, when it comes to the main parties - the two most recent polls suggest Labour could have the numbers to govern alone. The 1News Colmar Brunton poll, published last night, put Labour on 53 per cent, and National on 32 per cent. Both the Greens and ACT got 5 percent with NZ First at just 2 percent. Those numbers are a bit different to the Newshub Reid Research poll, which came out Sunday, and was dubbed a 'rogue' poll by National. That put Labour up on 60.9 per cent National were down on 25.1 percent. former United First leader Peter Dunne talks to Indira to break down what this all means.