1 Apr 2024

Oceans Before Me: Songs Of Rangiaowhia live at RNZ studios

From Easter Monday, 10:30 am on 1 April 2024

Oceans before me is a charitable trust set up by Daphiney Owen and her husband Glynn. It exists to preserve and tell indigenous stories via music. It doesn't have a permanent line-up of musicians, but rather connects with individual artists on a per project basis. Drawing for the talent of the community whose stories are being told. 

Their first album Daughters Of The Dawn tells the story of the Dawn Raids from a Wāhine Māori perspective. 

 There second album "Songs Of Rangiawhia", two years in the making, was released on February 21st 2024. It was released on that day to commemorate the 160th anniversary of the Rangiaowhia massacre. 

The album was produced by Mara TK, and features waiatas by Mara, Ria Hall, Hawkins, Rakai Whauwhau, Troy Kingi and others. 

To perform music from the album Daphiney Owen and Mara TK join us in the Wellington studio whilst Hawkings & Rakai Whauwhau preform in Auckland. 

Rakai Whauwhatu performing live in the RNZ studio with three backing singers.

Photo: Andre Upston