6 Apr 2015

Living with Tourette's syndrome

From Easter Monday, 11:06 am on 6 April 2015

Tanya Humphreys

A lot of [people] think it's swearing... a small portion of the population that have Tourette’s do have that, the majority don't. It's a very misunderstood condition... I know a lot of people find it quite offensive and because I have coprolalia, I can sort of see the funny side in it, but if anybody was making jokes at my expense I wouldn't be happy, and I do feel for all the children out there who are going through it...

Cantabrian Tanya Humphreys has lived her whole life with Tourette’s syndrome with very little support in dealing with it. She has physical and verbal tics, and talks frankly about the challenges of dealing with them alongside raising a family.

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