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0810:Same Sex Marriage Legalisation Anniversary with Jem Traylen, Rawa Karetai and Richard Tankersley, 0840: Wild Eyes Website producer, Paul Ward, 0907: Good Sons author Greg Hall, 0925: Philanthropic Leadership expert Akaya Windwood, 0947: Waste Warrior Kate Meads, 1005: From Celebrity to Serenity the lives of Elandra and Antion Meredith, 1035: Squawk Squad start up, Fraser McConnell and Alex Hannon, 1105: World Masters Games Ambassador Sir Peter Snell, 1130: Puha and Pakeha Food Truck founders, Belinda and Jarrad McKay, 1150: Glass Artist Silvia Levenson holding master classes in Whanganui.


Jem Traylen leads the Trans Secretariat at Rainbow Wellington.

Jem Traylen leads the Trans Secretariat at Rainbow Wellington. Photo: Rainbow Wellington

08:10 Same Sex Marriage Panel with Jem Traylen, Rawa Karetai and Richard Tankersley

rainbow flag

rainbow flag Photo: 123RF

Today marks four years since the passing of legislation in Parliament to legalise same sex marriages in New Zealand. Megan Whelan hosts a panel to explore what that has meant to the Rainbow community and where there are other inequalities which need to be addressed. Jem Traylen is speaking in her role leading the Trans Secretariat at Rainbow Wellington. Richard Tankersley is with the Human Rights Commission and Rawa Karetai is the former Campaign Manager of Marriage Equality in New Zealand.

08:40 Wild Eyes - Paul Ward

Wild Eyes

Wild Eyes Photo: supplied

Wild Eyes is a website for children aged between 8 and 12 years old who can complete missions to post online. The site is the brain child of Vicky Pope and Paul Ward. Wild Eyes offers a way to connect children with nature and compare their results with other children online. The site caters to the first generation of digital natives using their preference for online engagement to get them moving and out in the natural environment. Paul Ward speaks to Megan about the site and how they came up with the activities.

09:10 Good Sons - Greg Hall

Greg Hall

Greg Hall Photo: supplied

Good Sons

Good Sons Photo: supplied

Author Greg Hall has penned a book based on World War One and the stories of three young Oamaru men who answer the call of duty and find themselves on the dangerous front lines on the other side of the world. The book is fiction but uses actual letters sent from soldiers 100 years ago and relies on the eye witness accounts of events. He also uses newspaper clippings published at the time to bring alive the three fictional characters.  Greg Hall joins Megan Whelan to talk about his book and the upcoming commemoration of 100 years since the disastrous battle at Passchendaele.

09:20 Philanthropic leadership - Akaya Windwood

Akaya Windwood

Akaya Windwood Photo: supplied

Akaya Windwood is globally recognised for her work in the not-for profit and social benefits sectors. She is the President of Rockwood Leadership Institute in the United States which means she trains people to lead in the philanthropic world. Through her connections she has put together a powerful collaborative network of over 6,000 philanthropic leaders who have input into a variety of social initiatives. Akaya Windwood will be in New Zealand next month for Philanthropy New Zealand's Summit being hosted in Wellington. Akaya speaks to Megan Whelan about her work, passions and drive for great philanthropic leadership as well as the fresh challenges which have arisen from the new administration in the White House. 

09:40 Waste Warrior - Kate Meads

Kate Meads

Kate Meads Photo: supplied

Kate Meads started to take notice of the waste produced in her household when her son Daniel was born 12 years ago. She also became aware of the amount of money which was being spent on disposable nappies.  She decided to reduce her rubbish output and save money first through using cloth nappies and now is an expert on how to stop households from wasting food as well. She joins Megan Whelan to talk about how we can all make a positive change and reduce what is going to the landfill each year and it has the added benefit of saving money too.

10:05 From celebrity to serenity - Elandra and Antion Meredith

Elandra and Antion Meredith

Elandra and Antion Meredith Photo: supplied

Elandra and Antion Meredith are yoga experts and host wellbeing workshops around the world. Their lives now are a far cry from their beginnings with Elandra acting alongside some of the biggest stars of the 1970s and Antion being part of the 60s rock band The Animals touring the world. They have, at times, lived in New Zealand and have just concluded their latest workshop here. They join Megan to talk about how their celebrity pasts have led to them having a much more serene life.

10:30 Squawk Squad - Fraser McConnell & Alex Hannon

Squawk Squad is a start up which was born in a competition in Auckland last year and is going strong. The winning formula means that the public can join the fight in protecting native birds from predators through an app on their mobile phones. Fraser McConnell and Alex Hannon are two of the members which came up with the idea and the technology. They join Megan Whelan to talk about how it works and where they are hopefully going to secure funding from.

11:06 World Masters 2017 in Auckland - Sir Peter Snell

Peter Snell

Peter Snell Photo: PHOTOSPORT

Sir Peter Snell is making a stop in Wellington with gifts for the Te Papa collection including two of his gold medals before he heads to Auckland to compete in the World Masters Games. He's in the table tennis category alongside his wife hoping perhaps to get other medals to go back to the U.S with. He joins Megan Whelan to talk about how he's become a competitive table tennis player and why he's generously donating his personal memorabilia to our National Museum.

Peter Snell

Peter Snell Photo: supplied

11:25 Puha and Pakeha - Belinda and Jarrad McKay

The Puha and Pakeha food truck offers a unique blend of traditional Maori food with a modern twist. Belind and Jarrad McKay spotted a gap in the market for the food of Aotearoa in the sea of foreign based offerings of other vendors. They have created a menu which uses native ingredients and hangi as a cooking technique to give classic recipes a New Zealand flavour. They join Megan to talk about the kaupapa behind Puha and Pakeha as well as sharing a recipe.

Belinda and Jarrad McKay

Belinda and Jarrad McKay Photo: supplied

11:45 Glass Art - Silvia Levenson

In Whanganui an Argentinian born, Italian based glass artist is holding a special masterclass on the process of open lost wax casting. Silvia Levenson will be talking about her unique installations and methods.