16 Nov 2008

Part 6 - Bringing It All Back Home

From EarthWorks, 11:25 am on 16 November 2008

As the old joke goes, if it moves, its biology, if it smells, its chemistry, and if it doesn''t work, its physics. But it's fair to say that science has changed greatly in recent times, and the traditional disciplines seem to be giving way to a more interdisciplinary, problem-based approach to specific questions. For example, is climate science physics, chemistry, biology or geology? The answer is yes. And it's just as well that our approaches are changing, because the questions are sure getting more complex. Climate change, GMO's, space exploration, stem cell research...What does the future hold for life on this planet? Are we in a mess? Did science land us here? And if it did, is science the only way out?

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