19 Oct 2011


From Jack Perkins - a retrospective, 12:00 pm on 19 October 2011

A reconstruction from contemporary accounts and eyewitnesses, made in February 1981 by Jack Perkins, to mark the 50th anniversary of the Hawkes Bay earthquake.

"A boy said “Earthquake, Sir!” We were immediately struck with the full force of the quake. The master in charge, Matt Alexander, said “Everybody out!” … The shakes sent me flying onto the floor of the doorway and I can still feel the feet of the class trampling over me. I got to my feet and from there I saw the Assembly Hall collapse like a pack of cards – each wall fell in then the tiled roof came down. Then dust clouds blotted it out."

Images from the Hawkes Bay earthquake

The 1931 Hawke's Bay Earthquake on Te Ara

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