10 Dec 2023

Writing and performing a third act in your ‘third age’

From Culture 101, 2:05 pm on 10 December 2023

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The creators of We Wrote This with Voice Arts

The creators of We Wrote This with Voice Arts Photo: supplied

Nine first time stage actors and playwrights in Te Whanganui a Tara, all in their ‘third age’ have co-created a play that explores their personal experiences of the only consistent thing in life: change. Physical, emotional, familial, and societal change.

 Their work We Wrote This premieres at BATS Theatre in Wellington December 12 and 13.

Using improvisational theatre, Voice Arts works with over 250 older people each week in Te Whanganui-a-tara, including those living with dementia. Their mission is to support older people to perform, tell their stories, and stretch their brains and their imaginations. 

Creative Director Nicola Pauling says it’s about them using their voice, to be seen and heard.

That doesn’t necessitate getting up on stage in front of an audience, but one group of attendees wanted to take their work a step further.

Nicola Pauling and  Fiona Campbell

Nicola Pauling and Fiona Campbell Photo: supplied

Actor and playwright Fiona Campbell joins Nicola Pauling on RNZ’s Culture 101 with Mark Amery to explain.