26 Nov 2023

Music played on Culture 101 Sunday November 26

From Culture 101, 3:00 pm on 26 November 2023

Bibo No Aozora
Darren Pickering Small Worlds
Played at 12.10pm

The Swan Sisters
Played at 12.25pm

Rearing Wesley
Wurld Series
Played at 12.38pm

Modern Love
David Bowie
Played at 12.55pm

Tango Dub
Yurt Party 
Played at 1.07pm

 In came you
Sundae Painters
Played at 1.30pm

Only Boring People get Bored
The Opawa 45s
Played at 2.05pm and 2.30pm

Brand New Colony 
Pickle Darling and The Beths
Played at 2.45pm