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Radio features from different parts of the world looking at subjects not often discussed at length in the media. These programmes are provided by overseas broadcasters so audio is not usually available on the RNZ website for copyright reasons.

Originally broadcast 2012 - 2014.

6.06pm Monday 30 December 2013 The Putin project

The 2014 Winter Games are a potent symbol of Vladimir Putin’s growing confidence on the world stage. For the Russian president, Sochi is not just a chance to showcase Russia’s top sportsmen and women, it's a global seal of approval for the way he has dragged his country out of chaos, given it prosperity, and restored its independent place in world affairs. But does Sochi also represent many of the ills in Russian society? The run-up to the Games has also been marred by claims of forced evictions and exploitation of migrant workers building many of the venues. In The Putin Project from the BBC World Service Lucy Ash investigates claims that the authorities have encouraged local Cossacks to attack Central Asians and other foreign workers.

6:06 pm Tuesday 31 December 2013 Children with learning challenges

How are high needs children with learning disabilities doing within our education system? Lynda Chanwai-Earle takes a look at whether our education system is serving or failing these vulnerable children.

6:06 pm Wednesday 1 January 2014 The Age of Reason - Dolores Huerta

The Age of Reason - conversations with remarkable women from around the world – all in their 80s and all leading experts in their field.

Dolores Huerta is one of America’s leading civil rights campaigners. She has spent her life fighting for the rights of farm workers, immigrants and women. She has been arrested scores of times and was with presidential hopeful, Bobby Kennedy, when he was assassinated. She helped establish union rights for hundreds of thousands of immigrant workers – most of them from Latin America. She has fought for women’s rights and has campaigned to encourage more women and people of Latin American origin to run for political office. She has also raised 11 children. At the age of 83 she is still politically active – her fame is such that she’s become the subject of ballads and murals.

6.06pm Thursday 2 January 2014 The Reith lectures 2013:  Grayson Perry: Playing to the Gallery

Part 2: Beating the Bounds

The award-winning artist Grayson Perry asks whether it is really true that anything can be art. In the second of his BBC Reith lectures, delivered amidst the Victorian splendour of St. George's Hall in Liverpool, Perry analyses with characteristic wit the common tests - from commercial worth to public popularity to aesthetic value. He admits the inadequacies of such yardsticks, especially when applied to much conceptual and performance art.

6.06pm Friday 3 January 2014 Exchanges at the Frontier

Jitendra Goswami, the lead scientist of India’s first mission to Mars, talks about the project, about space science and earthly economics.