Sheep Heaven

A small holder's guide to raising sheep.

The Small Block Holders Guide to Sheep Farming

Instead of just talking to the experts, the Country Life team is getting its hands dirty and is off buying sheep.

Sheep get a bad rap these days - they're lots of work and the wool's worth nothing. Viewing it from a highly technical view point Susan Murray wants to know if they'll make her scruffy rough paddock around the house look like a nicely mown lawn and will she have lamb to eat for Christmas.

With this in mind, she bought 10, five-year-old romney/finn ewes from a hill country station near Whatawhata in Waikato and is running them on her large lifestyle block near Hamilton.

Collection items

Sheep Angel



  • Shears
  • Hoof clippers
  • Ear tags
  • Maggot fly product
  • Aerosol antibiotic/antiseptic
  • Eczema zinc bullets
  • Spare battens and staples
  • Raddle
  • Ram harness
  • Glucose for sleepy sick pregnant ewes
  • 5 in 1 vaccine for ewes
  • Lamb reviver tube
  • Crook
  • Frozen cows’ colostrum
  • Wool pack