23 Oct 2015

The Real Dirt On Farming

From Country Life, 9:21 pm on 23 October 2015
Kelly Daynard and her book The Real Dirt on Farming.

Kelly Daynard Photo: Kelly Daynard / Farm and Food Care

Farm and Food Care Ontario is a non lobby, farming organisation with an advocacy and outreach role covering the entire country.  It's funded by all the different farming sectors and agri businesses,  with a mandate to tell the public about where their food comes from. It publishes a magazine called The Real Dirt on Farming, where the concerns and questions consumers have about their food are answered in a matter of fact way.

The organisation is also heavily into social media.  It has ten thousand twitter followers and a recent "Twitter Party" trended in the top spot for the hour it was on. Manager Kelly Daynard says it's thrilling to see consumers tweeting questions about their food and within minutes farmers are responding.