10 Jul 2015

Apples in a Tin

From Country Life, 10:18 pm on 10 July 2015


IMG carolApple grower John McCallum (right) and Cedenco’s Bruce Clark.

Blocks of new apple trees have been going in in the Wairoa region but none of the locals or even people overseas will get to crunch on them.

The plantings are part of a new venture for fruit and vegetable proccesing and ingredients company, Cedenco. The Gisborne-based company has contracted a handful of people to grow Braeburn apples purely for processing.

It will process the apples using the same equipment as it does for tomato paste. The ingredient will then be used by a New Zealand food manufacturer as a base for its fruit bars.

Growers won't be paid as much for their apples as those who grow for export, but because the apples don't have to be perfect, growing and harvesting costs will be lower.