26 Jun 2015

No 8 Wire National Art Award

From Country Life, 9:30 pm on 26 June 2015

Amelia Nurse visits ArtsPost Gallery in Hamilton to look at the finalists’ entries for the annual Fieldays No. 8 Wire National Art Award. She talks with winning artist Rebecca Rose from Titirangi and artist and judge Tony Nicholls.

Talking with Rebecca Rose

Rebecca’s children correct her on the phone when she says she doesn’t have much of her own art around. I haven’t been to their place in Titirangi but I imagine with her pull towards the outdoors and the sea - it must be an inspiring space.

She says she doesn’t have trouble letting go of work anymore though, and that she could easily part with her pieces in her own home. I’ve always struggled with this idea, not being an artist. When Rebecca described the physical labour and psychological strain involved with creating her sculpture Eye Sight - I just can’t imagine letting it go myself. 

She does though, and part of what she enjoys about her work - much of it large outdoor creations - is seeing it inhabit a new place. Sometimes she’ll assist with the placement of the work with the new owner, and sometimes - as with Eye Sight - she’ll discover new aspects of the piece through how other people have treated or arranged it. 

Rebecca says light is an elemental aspect of her work - in formation and function. Most of her sculptures are outdoor works in concrete and metal, and it’s clear placement is a fundamental factor.  I’ll be personally intrigued to see where Eye Sight finds a home.