29 May 2015

Under the Hammer

From Country Life, 9:30 pm on 29 May 2015
Colin Bunting and piglets

Colin Bunting and the piglets he has bought. Photo: RNZ Cosmo KentishBarnes

The Canterbury Saleyards on the outskirts of Christchurch is a hive of activity every Tuesday morning.

Rural livestock auctioneer Bob Davidson

Auctioneer Bob Davidson is a director of Rural Livestock and is their agent for the Banks Peninsula and Ellesmere areas. He buys and sells stock for local farmers and is concerned about the drop in sheep numbers going through the yards. Photo: RNZ Cosmo KentishBarnes

Tony Partridge

Tony Partridge at the cattle arena. Photo: RNZ Cosmo KentishBarnes

Cattle breeder and livestock trader Tony Partridge won't touch sheep, but thinks there's money to be made from cattle if you know what you're looking for. He's been bidding at the auction for over 60 years and it's not often he leaves the yards without some cattle in the back of his truck.