Stonecroft Wines

Stonecroft was one of the first wineries to be established in the part of Hawke's Bay now known as the Gimblett Gravels. Small quantities of wine are made and organic practices are being introduced.

Andria Monin and Dermott McCollum from Stonecroft Wines.Stonecroft Wines.

Andria Monin and Dermot McCollum from Stonecroft Wines.

Tui Bee Balms

They are natural, soothing and used around the world. Tui Bee Balms and waxes are made at the tranquil Tui Community in Golden Bay and this growing business supports at least a dozen of Tui's long-term occupants.

Urban Agriculture

Flow between town and city has always been a matter of changing trend - and right now, cheaper housing prices in places like the Wairarapa are luring city dwellers out of town. But prices for dairy land have remained strong. Add the recent economic downturn and cuts to the state service into the equation - and in a unexpected twist, the city is becoming increasingly attractive to the rural sector. Amelia Nurse meets up with dairy farmer Lou Neilson in an unusual venue.

Milk Line.
Dairy farmer Lou Neilson shows Amelia Nurse around his latest dairying venture.