Intro and Guest

A 1948 recording of an interview with George Matheson of Palmerston, North Otago about the early agricultural methods in the district. Recorded on location by the National Broadcasting Service Peacetime Mobile Unit.

Primary Focus

In this weeks primary focus we talk to Ross Aimer of Ravensdown about the growing cost of fertilser.

Sexed Semen

Farmers are digging deep into their pockets to buy sexed semen from New Zealand bulls. Steve Foresman.

Shedding Light on ...

Bobby calves with Athol Murray.


Bill with his dog.Life's a Boar

In this weeks feature Cosmo Kentish-Barnes heads into the un-tamed backcountry behind Geraldine in Canterbury with hunting dog trainer and hunter extraordinaire, Bill Westwood. For more info check out Bill's

Bill with more dogs.

pig hunter Bill Westward 12