10 Dec 2013

Te Manu Korihi News for 10 December 2013

From Checkpoint, 5:49 pm on 10 December 2013

The Maori Party has asked the police to verify logs which are said to show people were kept under surveillance after the 2007 Te Urewera police raids; The retired heavyweight boxer, David Tua, could be preparing for his next fight - against politicians, with the Maori Party confirming it is meeting with him to discuss a possible political career; The Mana Party leader, Hone Harawira, is travelling to South Africa to attend the tangi of Nelson Mandela; The Land Information Minister, Maurice Williamson, has assigned official names for three alpine features in Central Otago; The Government says its plans for a pest-free conservation park on Aotea-Great Barrier Island won't have a detrimental effect on tribal Treaty claims.