4 Apr 2024

Cost of living crisis felt by charities set up to help those most in need

From Checkpoint, 4:41 pm on 4 April 2024

The cost of living crisis is being felt nationwide, but nowhere more so than some of the charities set up to help those most in need.

Just this week the disability not-for-profit "StarJam" which has been operating for 22 years said it was facing closure, however we've heard this afternoon their plea for help has been answered - they've managed to raise more than $130,000 dollars.

However, not every charity is going to have the same success.

Foodbank charity BBM, run by Dave Letele, had to cut 500 families from its free food parcel service.

There are 27,000 registered charities in New Zealand and 17,000 of them fundraise for everything from food to support services.

Hannah Molloy, the Chair of the Fundraising Institute speaks to Susana Leiataua.