19 Mar 2024

Two NZ brothers to appear in Thailand court for assaulting a police officer

From Checkpoint, 5:17 pm on 19 March 2024

Two New Zealand brothers are due to appear in a Phuket court this afternoon following a scuffle with a Thai police officer earlier in the week.

Hamish and Mattson Day, both aged in their thirties, are charged with multiple offences including robbery, assaulting an officer, attempted bribery and driving a motorcycle without a license.

Checkpoint understands the brothers were midway through a wellness trip and their parents, millionaire business people Laurence and Katrina Day are likely to travel to Thailand soon.

The brothers were allegedly speeding and fled from the police officer.

The officer was later tackled by one of the brothers and a gun was wrestled off him causing a bullet to be fired.

Nobody was injured.

Phuket News journalist JP Mestanza speaks to Lisa Owen.