8 Feb 2024

Auckland projects canned unless govt funds - Wayne Brown

From Checkpoint, 5:07 pm on 8 February 2024

A bunch of Auckland infrastructure projects will be canned unless the government kicks in some money to replace, funding from the soon to be axed regional fuel tax according to Mayor Wayne Brown.

Following through on an election commitment, the government's announced the Auckland regional fuel tax will end on June 30th.

People filling up in the city have been paying an extra eleven and half cents a litre on fuel, over and above what other motorists around the country pay; with the money going to roading related projects.

The Transport Minister said the tax that's been in place since 2018 is regressive, hurts lower income families and only about half the money collected has actually been spent.

However, Wayne Brown says the move is going to leave a massive budget hole and that has consequences.