5 Feb 2024

Civil Contractors CEO responds to Wellington Water woes

From Checkpoint, 6:13 pm on 5 February 2024

There's a flood of experts with ideas on how to plug Wellington Water woes; yet the city is still hemorrhaging 40% of drinkable water.

Last week Master Plumbers told Checkpoint its members are qualified and available to help patch leaks in the capital, with many of the problems at toby's or isolation valves on private property.

A report shows response and repair times have blown out in the capital; a patch-up that should take less than five days to do, is taking 40 days on average and staff shortages at the region's water services are stalling repairs.

Now the professional association for Civil Contractors says there's enough of its people to do the work, but there's not enough funding being allocated.

Civil Contractors New Zealand Chief Executive Alan Pollard speaks to Lisa Owen.