2 Feb 2024

School girl goes 'full beast mode' while saving pet from snake

From Checkpoint, 5:26 pm on 2 February 2024

An australian school girl went into "full beast mode" to save a beloved pet from a slippery intruder.

Twelve year Rosie Wightman has reached hero status after a video of her snake wrangling skills hit the internet.

Rosie was in her backyard on the sunshine coast when she realised her guinea pig, MaxiBon, was firmly wedged in the jaws of a snake skulking in bushes.

CCTV shows Rosie grabbing the slippery sucker by the tail and spinning it in circles at high speed like a lasso; in a bid to free Maxibon from its murderous grip.

The ruckus brought her parents running; enter dad, Luke Wightman.