25 Jan 2024

Uber driver thinks RUC changes need tweak

From Checkpoint, 5:50 pm on 25 January 2024

An Uber driver who's gone electric says he's happy to pay road user charges, but if the government wants to keep driving people toward cleaner greener options, it's got to carve the costs up fairly.

From April, light electric vehicles that have previously been exempt from road user charges will have to pay.

The cost is $76 dollars per 1000 kilometres.

By comparison, a much heavier diesel truck weighing between 3500 and 6000 kilograms currently pays $82 every 1000 kilometres.

The Transport Minister says the new charges are about fairness and equity and will ensure all road users are contributing to road maintenance.

Wellington electric Uber driver, Phirum Koy speaks to Lisa Owen.