22 Jan 2024

SPCA adoption prices halving to ease pressure on packed shelter

From Checkpoint, 5:43 pm on 22 January 2024

The SPCA is slashing its adoption fees to ease pressure on its packed animal shelters.

From next week adoptions will be half price whether it's a kitten, puppy, pony or porka.

Nationwide the SPCA has more than 4000 animals in its care and last year it got harder to find them forever homes.

SPCA spokesperson Dr Corey Regnerus-Kell told Checkpoint the discount campaign was to help those who were thinking about adoption to go for it.

"Times are just under a bit of pressure at the moment between cost of living and everybody's individual circumstances. Not everybody's ready to decide to make that choice to get a new pet for their home.

"There are times and places when the animals that do come into our care might need to be euthanised based on the conditions that they present. It's not an easy job for any of the team."

From 27 January to 4 February, all of SPCA adoptions will be half price.

"We've got all the costs covered for you already. So they've had the veterinary treatment, they're microchipped, they're vaccinated, they're flead, they're wormed, and they're ready to go to the new homes."

The price would depend on the species and the age of the animal, he said. For eg, a dog under six months would cost $150.

"The only thing that changes with our half-priced adoption is just the fee itself. So we still go through all the same consultation process with those wanting adoptive parents to make sure that we can partner them up with the right pet. Part of that's really talking about what the home environment looks like.

"We have conversations about what does financing look like, do they have any other conditions that we might need to consider and still walk through that process. So it's not a guarantee adoption ... we really want to make sure that we're partnering these pets up with the right owners for their forever home."

There are many rabbits and guinea pigs at this time of the year. There are also horses, sheep, goats, and a couple of pigs.