12 Dec 2023

Bromley wastewater stench returns with a vengeance

From Checkpoint, 5:47 pm on 12 December 2023

The poo pong from Bromley's wastewater treatment plant is back.

Some Christchurch residents say the stench resurfaced with a vengeance earlier this week.

The problem has been ongoing despite remedial work following a fire in 2021 that destroyed the filters at the Bromley plant.

But residents are still waiting for a permanent solution to the stink and to add to their woes, the compost plant in the same suburb is reaching peak pong too.

Bromley resident Vickie Walker describes the toxic cocktail.

In a statement, Christchurch council says aerators at the Bromley waste treatment plant were turned off on November 23 to see if they could be taken offline to allow for maintenance.

All available aerators were switched back on on 4 December following both reports of odours from the community, and council's own odour monitoring.