8 Dec 2023

Napier neighbours say dogs are driving them barking mad

From Checkpoint, 5:28 pm on 8 December 2023

A Napier neighbourhood's allegedly been dogged by noise that's driving them barking mad.

A pair of fluffy Shih Tzu crosses Ruby and Simba living on Napier Hill, have 17 complaints against them for excessive noise.

They include barking and howling, sometimes for hours at a time according to the Napier City Council.

After three years of warnings, the dogs' owner was issued with a compliance notice in September.

It requires a combination of remedies; including using anti-barking collars, keeping the dogs inside and away from distractions, and getting help from an animal trainer.

But the dogs' owner, Nuzia Scaranci is challenging the notice at a council hearing next week.

She speaks to Lisa Owen.