30 Nov 2023

Israel-Hamas ceasefire extended minutes before it was due to expire

From Checkpoint, 6:10 pm on 30 November 2023

The Israel-Hamas ceasefire has been extended just minutes before it was due to expire.

Israel's military says a truce with Hamas will continue "in light of the mediators" efforts to continue the process of releasing hostages'.

It comes just an hour after Hamas released a statement saying discussions were at an impasse because Israel had declined to receive seven women and children hostages and the bodies of three others the group says was killed during Israel's bombardment.

It is understood there was debate between Israel and Hamas over the names of the hostages due to be released.

On each day of the ceasefire Israeli hostages taken by Hamas during the October 7 attacks were traded for Palestinian prisoners.

Up to 200 aid trucks a day have also been crossing into Gaza, but that's still woefully short of what is needed according to aid groups.

Dcotors treating the wounded in Gaza are appealing for some of the most basic supplies like gauze, burn cream, pins wires and fixtures for broken and crushed limbs.

Dozens of aid workers have been killed in war on Gaza since the October Hamas attacks and taking of hostages.

Two Medecins Sans Frontieres doctors and a colleague were killed in a missile strike on a hospital in Northern Gaza earlier this month.

Joining us now from Jerusalem is Dr Natalie Thurtle, MSF Deputy Medical Coordinator for the emergency response in Gaza