5 Oct 2023

Waitaki mayor on the need for drinking water filters in region

From Checkpoint, 5:48 pm on 5 October 2023

The water regulator Taumata Arowai has today released the names of 27 councils that are not complying with safe water drinking standards.

It's revealed that 84 drinking water supplies across the country don't have a protozoa barrier, those are the devices used to treat water for bugs like crypytosporidium, the parasite that's caused a lot of upset stomachs in Queenstown recently.

More than 300-000 people are potentially drinking from these non compliant supplies.

The barriers aren't cheap, ranging in price from around 500,000 to several million dollars, and some councils need multiple.

Taupo District Council tops the list needing eleven of them.

Waitaki District Council needs eight protozoa barriers and its mayor speaks to Lisa Owen.