18 Sep 2023

Labour party offering cash-back scheme for building solar panel

From Checkpoint, 5:29 pm on 18 September 2023

The Labour Party is unapologetically targeting higher income New Zealanders with its solar panel policy announced today.

If elected labour will offer a cash back of up to four thousand dollars for roof top solar panel and battery systems for residential homes.

The party says Aotearoa needs to boost renewable electricity by 68 percent by 2050 and solar will lower household bills by up to 50 percent and reduce reliance on the grid.

But the $218 million initiative comes with terms and conditions.

To be eligible; the household must have a combined income of less than 250k a year and there's also a cap on the value of eligible properties.

But rentals will be eligible for the rebate. Labour's energy spokesperson and campaign manager Megan Woods insists the savings people will make from switching to solar will make initial installation costs worth it.