17 Aug 2023

Sophisticated scam steals $10,500 from Kiwi couple in 5 minutes

From Checkpoint, 5:07 pm on 17 August 2023

A warning on this story; It may give you a queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach, when you realise it could happen to you, even if you think you're smarter than that.

Imagine you get a call, they say its your bank and they're ringing cause someone is cleaning out your account right now, spending thousands around town.

But don't worry they can stop it, if you follow their instructions; but is really your bank?

Just this week BNZ released research saying 9 out of ten New Zealanders had been targeted by a scam in the past twelve months.

Many of us have had the faux texts or emails coaxing you to click a link, but this is next level sophistication.

It involves a group of scamsters, some standing by at different cash machines ready to draw out your money as soon as they crack your account.

Lilly knows first hand. Two Sundays ago she got that call; someone claiming to be from her bank, they knew her name and talked a good game.