16 Aug 2023

Lauren Dickason found guilty of murdering three young daughters

From Checkpoint, 5:07 pm on 16 August 2023

Guilty of three counts of murder.

A jury this afternoon handed down its verdicts in the Lauren Dickason trial; ruling she'd intentionally killed her three young daughters in September 2021.

Dickason has only been in New Zealand a matter of weeks, having moved here from South Africa with her family to set up a new life in Timaru.

When her husband Graham left for a work function, she killed her children, and put them in their beds.

That fact was never in doubt, but Lauren Dickason argued she was driven to do it either through insanity, or infanticide.

Today, the majority of the jury of eight women and four men disagreed; ultimately finding Lauren Dickason knew what she doing when murdered her children.

'This was not our daughter' Lauren Dickason's family has said in a statement, blaming a debilitating mental illness, which resulted in an awful tragedy.

Our reporter Niva Chittock has been covering the case and joins us now from Christchurch.