20 Jul 2023

'Shocking & traumatic': 3 dead in Auckland CBD shooting including gunman

From Checkpoint, 5:09 pm on 20 July 2023

"Shocking and traumatic." That's the police commissioner's description of the Auckland CBD shootings.

Three people are dead including the gunman.

Several are seriously injured, among them a police office who was due in surgery this afternoon.

Here's what we know, a 24 year old who had worked at the central Auckland contruction site returned there early this morning with a pump action shotgun and opened fire as he made his way through the building.

RNZ understands the shooter is Matu Tangi Matua Reid. At 7:22 multiple 111 calls came in, eleven minutes later the first police were on the scene at One Queen Street.

Two people were already dead on the lower levels of the building, and workers at the site were forced to hide; some could be seen huddling on the open top floor.

Terrified commuters scattered for cover. Police have confirmed the shooter was serving a home dention sentence but was allowed to go the work site.

Witnesses say he was wearing an electronic monitoring bracelet.

All this on a day when international eyes are on Auckland's for the FIFA world cup tournament opening.

Reporter Louise Ternouth and Marika Khabazi have the story.

The Department of Corrections says in a statement Matu Reid was required to stay at home and was electronically monitored 24/7.

However he had permission to travel to his place of employment, including at the time the incident occurred this morning.

He had completed an alcohol and other drug programme, had returned negative drug tests twice during his sentence, and was engaged in a non-violence programme.

He was required to report in to his Probation Officer twice every ten days.

He had last reported in yesterday.