5 Jul 2023

11 staff stood down over fighting in Youth Justice facilities

From Checkpoint, 5:07 pm on 5 July 2023

Yet more Oranga Tamariki staff have been stood down over an alleged fight club at one of its youth justice residence.

It follows a video being posted to social media showing two teenage boys attacking one another and being egged on by fellow residents, inside Korowai Manaaki, in Auckland.

The footage is taken by an Oranga Tamariki staff member and the fight is not a one off.

Also being investigated, claims that workers at Oranga Tamariki youth justice facilities have given young people access to pornography via smart devices.

Last month an inquiry into all five youth justice facilities was launched following allegations of inappropriate sexual behaviour by staff.

It's being led by former Police Commission Mike Bush.

Children's Minister Kelvin Davis has responsiblity for Oranga Tamariki and has told Checkpoint he's not happy with the rules around mobile phones and staff searches at the facilities.