24 May 2023

Bromley faces years of 'vomit-like stench' from composting plant

From Checkpoint, 5:28 pm on 24 May 2023

It could be three to five years to rid a Christchurch suburb of a sickly stench coming from a composting plant.

Residents in Bromley are fed up - having already battled a nauseating poo pong from a burnt out waste treatment plant.

That's subsiding with major work under way to clear material. But now they say a "vomit-like silage stench" is becoming increasingly worse from the council run Living Earth organics processing plant.

The council has agreed to move the plant - but is yet to identify a future long-term supplier, site and solution for organics processing.

Labour MP Tracey McLellan's electorate office is near Bromley.

She talks to Susana Lei'ataua.