13 Jul 2022

Dog breeders prosecuted over 'hellhole' conditions

From Checkpoint, 5:42 pm on 13 July 2022

Two German Shepherd breeders have been banned from owning animals for almost a decade after keeping more than 60 dogs in what the SPCA describes as a "hell hole".

Some were in filthy cages so small they could not stand up, forced to sleep in their own waste, and suffering from untreated infections.

Others were tied on leads so short they could not lie down or had ligature injuries so bad they had to euthanised.

Barbara Glover and her daughter Janine Wallace have been found guilty of 32 animal welfare charges and sentenced to 9 and 12 months supervision respectively, 300 hours community work and ordered to pay $40,000 in reparations.

The SPCA says its one of the biggest cases in its 150 year history. It's chief executive Andrea Midgen talks to Lisa Owen.