30 May 2022

Consumer Affairs Minister on plans to rein in supermarkets

From Checkpoint, 5:17 pm on 30 May 2022

The government has announced plans this afternoon to bust up the supermarket duopoly, but has stopped short of forcing the two big chains to sell off some of their assets.

It's adopting 12 of 14 recommendations made in a Commerce Commission report that found supermarkets are making a million dollars a day in excessive profits and shoppers are missing out on true competition. And it's taking stronger action on two others.

Supermarkets will voluntarily have to consider giving competitors access to wholesale supply - but the government plans to work on a compulsory system.

There'll also be a mandatory code of conduct governing how suppliers are treated. And supermarkets will have to label products with per unit prices.

Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister David Clark talks to Lisa Owen.