17 Feb 2022

Lobby group pays drivers' fuel tax at North Shore petrol station

From Checkpoint, 5:44 pm on 17 February 2022

The price of petrol continues to climb, edging closer to $3 for 91. A large slice of that is made up of taxes.

In Auckland it's 52 percent of the bill.

Right wing lobby group the NZ Taxpayers' Union today held what it called a "Fuel Tax Honesty Day".

Those who rolled up to the Gull station in Takapuna between 12 and 12:30 and filled up got 52 percent of their bill back.

The group's spokesperson Louis Houlbrooke says the government can curb the surging prices.

The AA says the sudden rise in prices can be put down to the cost of getting fuel into the country and the ongoing tension on the Russia-Ukraine border.