26 Jan 2022

Mushrooms may be the fun food to grow at home in isolation

From Checkpoint, 5:54 pm on 26 January 2022

If the worst of Covid-19 comes to pass and food supplies get hit - growing your own mushrooms might be the solution.

That's what Raglan couple Emily Eldin and Sean Mills did during the first ever lockdown, and now it's sprouted into a successful business.

"It all started in the very first lockdown. We were picking heaps of field mushrooms and got a grow kit ourselves and were just fascinated by it and just went down a rabbit hole from there, really," Mills told Checkpoint.

He said they mostly grew oyster mushrooms and a pink one called pekepeke kiore, which looked like a big cluster of coral.

"They are a lot nicer in my opinion than the normal button mushrooms you see at the supermarket, got real meaty texture and can be used for lots of different things."

He said the oyster mushrooms were "extremely easy" to grow and made a great ingredient for vegan chicken fried rice.

They take about a week till the first crop is ready.

"All that is really required is just slitting the bag where it's marked and then misting it for the first couple of days. That just triggers the mushrooms to grow, and then once they're out of the bag, they go ballistic."