6 Dec 2021

Health Ministry 'traffic light' advice for aged care inconsistent - Aged Care Association

From Checkpoint, 5:41 pm on 6 December 2021

Aged Care Association chief executive Simon Wallace has told Checkpoint the advice from Ministry of Health for rest homes has been inconsistent.

"In the space of 12 hours on Thursday night, Friday morning, we had three different versions of the so called Community Response Framework for aged care issued by the Ministry of Health. And that just simply doesn't align with the traffic light system.

"We have some DHBs that are operating at green when the whole of the country is at orange and red.

"The point that we're making is at green there are a lot less restrictions, and we certainly want to be able to facilitate visits, and we can do that at all levels, but we don't want to be applying less restraints in what is a very vulnerable setting than the community as a whole is operating under.

"For example in Taranaki, where we have active Covid cases in the community and low vaccination rates, we have that DHB applying what is a green framework or a mild framework to aged residential care, which we just don't think is appropriate given the risk profile of that DHB."