20 Oct 2021

'Too many questions' - Auckland principal not expecting students back at school

From Checkpoint, 5:52 pm on 20 October 2021

School is back on campus from Tuesday but only for a select few and under strict conditions.

And there is no end in sight for parents of primary students learning at home - Cabinet will review their situation next week.

Years 11 to 13 can head back to class, basically to get ready for exams, but there are a list of rules.

School staff need a negative Covid test before they're allowed on site. Masks are mandatory, so is physical distancing.

Schools must keep Covid tracing records and disinfect daily. Classes have to aired out during breaks, with students and teachers outside as much as possible. And no singing or exercising indoors.

Principal of Kia Aroha College in South Auckland Haley Milne told Checkpoint a quick survey she did suggested students will not be coming back to school on Tuesday. 

"There's too many questions and not enough answers," Milne said.