14 Sep 2021

Covid-19: Steel and Tube offers bonus to vaccinated workers

From Checkpoint, 5:19 pm on 14 September 2021

One of the country's largest steel building product providers is reinforcing its own Covid-19 defences, paying a bonus to workers if they get fully vaccinated.

Steel and Tube is offering workers $150 in cash or a KiwiSaver contribution if they get both jabs by mid-November.

Chief executive Mark Malpass says $150 is enough to encourage workers to get vaccinated for Covid-19 as quickly as they can.

“We know that having a fully vaccinated team means we’re more resilient going forward.

“We’d love to be at 100 percent by mid-November and I’m sure we’ll get close to that.”

Malpass said the company does not have requirements in its contracts for new employees to be vaccinated for Covid-19, but said it will be part of the “currency” in the future.