30 Jun 2021

Growing calls for MIQ fixes as room shortages stifle business

From Checkpoint, 5:11 pm on 30 June 2021

There are growing calls for a shake-up of New Zealand's managed isolation and quarantine system, from exporters and workers who need to travel offshore and say a shortage of isolations spots is stifling business and potentially costing them a lot of income.

On Tuesday a high-end medical tech company told Checkpoint it has been unable to get to lucrative trade shows in the United States because it cannot get spots in MIQ.

Meanwhile, New Zealand businesses are struggling to get to the $60 million taxpayer-funded Dubai Expo pavilion, because of uncertainty around managed isolation and vaccinations.

Calls are growing from those who need to travel to grow their export market or earn a living.

They say pressure on MIQ is making it near impossible for business.