23 Apr 2021

Infectious diseases expert on MIQ procedure changes

From Checkpoint, 6:18 pm on 23 April 2021

In another change announced today, people returning to New Zealand at about the same time will now all be taken to the same managed- isolation hotel.

The government is changing the way it handles MIQ, to reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission within facilities.

Under the new system, cohorts of people arriving in New Zealand over a 96-hour period will be taken to the same MIQ facilities.

Once they are full, or the 96-hour period is over, they will be locked down for 14-days and no more returnees will be let in until the last of the cohort has left and the hotels have been cleaned.

The government's also changing the way it handles managed isolation hotels - with returnees now set to be grouped together depending on when they arrive.

Under the new rules, anyone arriving in a 96-hour window will be taken to the same hotel.

Once the hotel is full - or the time period is up - the facility will lockdown for 14-days - with no new returnees allowed in until the last cohort has left and the hotel has been cleaned.

To discuss these changes, and the red zoning of countries, University of Otago infectious diseases expert Professor Kurt Krause joins Lisa Owen.