3 Feb 2021

CCTV in more than half MIQ hotels not up to scratch

From Checkpoint, 5:42 pm on 3 February 2021

The CCTV systems in more than half our managed isolation and Quarantine Hotels are still not up to scratch despite the government ordering upgrades.

An investigation is underway into how Covid-19 spread among returnees in managed isolation at the Pullman Hotel and was allowed to escape into the community.

As part of that, security video is being reviewed to see how the infection may have passed from the first case to the other three people who caught the virus.

But the Pullman is one of the hotels that has not had its full CCTV upgrade, meaning it may be impossible to track when the infected people crossed paths.

Lisa Owen asked the boss of MIQ Brigadier Jim Bliss what the Pullman investigation's revealed so far.