25 Jan 2021

Jack Russell returned to elderly Napier owner after months

From Checkpoint, 5:57 pm on 25 January 2021

Late last year, we brought you the curious case of 80-year-old Doug Hodgetts and his missing companion, a seven-year-old Jack Russell named Tabatha.

Hodgetts believed his best friend was stolen on October 29, from outside a second hand store on Munro St in Napier.

But on January 11, 74 days after Tabatha went missing, Age Concern Napier received a phone call from a woman saying she knew where the Hodgetts' dog was, and would return her.

Checkpoint reporter Nick Truebridge has spoken to Hodgetts. He says whoever had Tabatha felt pressured to return her due to mass publicity surrounding the mysterious disappearance.