11 Dec 2020

Otago security threat 'very targeted' - Dunedin Mayor

From Checkpoint, 5:15 pm on 11 December 2020

Dunedin's mayor says there's no reason to cancel any other big events in the city after Otago University graduations were postponed this week due to a targeted, but unspecified threat.

Hundreds of students are missing out after Otago University postponed ceremonies on Wednesday and one planned for the weekend and Otago Polytech has followed suit.

The police are keeping the exact nature of the threat secret but say there's an active investigation underway and an increased police presence in Dunedin.

Lisa Owen asked the city's Mayor Aaron Hawkins what exactly is going on.

In a statement, Southern District Commander Superintendent Paul Basham said: "Dunedin Police continue to investigate the threat made against yesterday's University of Otago graduation ceremonies.

"While we understand people want to know the specific nature of the threat, at this stage of our inquiries we cannot provide this detail as it could compromise the outcome of the investigation.

"This is a complex investigation and it's important we have the opportunity to work through it systematically and thoroughly.

"The safety of our community remains our priority and we continue with our two-pronged approach - an active investigation and an increased Police presence in the city."

Police encourage anyone with information to get in contact.