3 Dec 2020

Cricket: Unclear if all Pakistan team can play first match

From Checkpoint, 5:17 pm on 3 December 2020

It's not clear when the Pakistan cricket team will be able to train, or if all the players will be released from MIQ in time for the first match of the tour after some of the squad tested positive for Covid-19.

Ten people from the visiting side have the virus, with some of those cases deemed historical.

The visitors are also on their last warning after it was revealed some players breached isolation rules mingling together and sharing food.

And the team had its exemption to train after day three testing cancelled after it was discovered some were infected.

Lisa Owen asks sports reporter Clay Wilson what all of this means for the game schedule.

Checkpoint requested an interview with New Zealand Cricket chief executive David White and its new chairman Martin Snedden but both declined.