20 Nov 2020

Nanaia Mahuta not sure if NZ has offended China

From Checkpoint, 5:07 pm on 20 November 2020

Foreign Affairs Minister Nanaia Mahuta says she's not sure if NZ has offended China but a statement from the emerging super-power about removing the eyes of those who interfere with its business... is strongly worded. The Five Eyes intelligence grouping , which includes New Zealand, Australia, Britain, The United States and Canada....released a joint statement calling for China to immediately reinstate recently fired members of Hong Kong's legislature. It also said the new rule changes appear to be a concerted campaign to silence critical voices. A China foreign ministry spokesperson responded saying - quote - "It doesn't matter whether they have five eyes or 10; if they dare to damage China's sovereignty, security and development, they should be careful or their eyes will be plucked out".Nanaia Mahuta believes our relationship with China is maturing and that means we can talk about what we agree on, and what we don't. She spoke to Lisa Owen.