6 Nov 2020

Race to White House becomes a crawl as final votes counted

From Checkpoint, 5:11 pm on 6 November 2020

The race to the White House has turned into a crawl, with the United States still standing-by for confirmation of its next President.

The vital states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Arizona are hanging on razor thin margins, with the clouds of legal action gathering.

Donald Trump is now just 1,775 votes ahead of Joe Biden in the traditionally Republican state of Georgia.

But the speeches on Friday from the two presidential hopefuls drew a thundering contrast between the pair.

Democrat Joe Biden spoke first. He said he'd been briefed on the country's Covid-19 status and calmly insisted it would be voters and nothing else that decides the race to the Oval Office.

Donald Trump's address from the White House press room was more free style, filled with false claims, and with the incumbent musing that the highest court in the land may decide the winner.

CNN's Nadia Romero joins Lisa Owen with the latest details from the US.